Terms & Conditions

These booking conditions apply to all bookings made with Fly In Business Ltd (referred to as “we,” “us,” or “our” in these Terms and Conditions), whose trading address is Kemp House 152-160 City Road, London, United Kingdom, EC1V 2NX. How the booking conditions apply to you varies depending on whether you have booked a ‘package’ or ‘other travel arrangements.

1. Your vacation contract

A package is a combination of at least two of the following: a) transportation, b) lodging, and c) another tourist service that is a significant element of your booking, provided that those two or more components are sold to you at the same time at an inclusive price with full payment to us. Anything else (for example, air tickets just, air tickets with a hotel room) Other travel arrangements include flights and accommodations booked at various times, cruises and packages arranged through a third-party tour operator for whom we act as agents.
Your contract is with us if you book a package. Once you’ve finished your booking and read and understood the booking restrictions on our websites, or made the required payment to us, and we’ve sent you our confirmation invoice, we’ve formed a contract between us. We function as a booking agent for other travel arrangements, and your contract is with the relevant supplier(s) (e.g., the airline or hotel supplier, cruise or tour operator). You will be subject to the booking conditions of that other organisation. We act as an agent on behalf of the airline, any additional fees incurred or downgrading are not going to be our responsibility and to be dealt between customer and the airline. You will see that certain terms and conditions below only apply if you have booked a package.
All contracts with us, as well as all matters arising from them, are governed by English law and are subject to the jurisdiction of the English and Welsh courts. If you want to, you can choose the law and jurisdiction of Scotland or Northern Ireland.
The individual who makes the reservation must be 18 years of age or older, accepts these terms on behalf of all members of the party, and is responsible for all party payments.

2. Payments

The ATOL plan provided by our providers protects all of the flights and flight-inclusive holidays on our website. When you make a payment, you will receive an ATOL Certificate. Please request it and double-check that it includes everything you booked (flights, hotels, and other services). For further information, please check our booking conditions, or visit www.atol.org.uk/ATOLCertificate for additional information on financial protection and the ATOL Certificate.

You must pay a deposit at the time of booking, which varies from £100 per person to the total holiday cost depending on the type of booking, and pay the balance of the holiday cost no later than 8 weeks before departure. If you book within 8 weeks of your departure date, you must pay in full at the time of booking. Your reservation will be cancelled if you do not make the appropriate fees. If you pay a deposit and don’t pay the amount on time, your deposit will be forfeited.

The majority of flight payments must be made in full, due to advance purchase restrictions on specific prices. Payment deadlines will be communicated to you by your agent at the time of booking, and will be reflected on your confirmation invoice.

It’s worth noting that fares on deposit payments for flights aren’t guaranteed until full payment is received. In the unlikely event that there are any increases, the airline and agency reserve the right to pass on any increases in taxes, fuel, or airfares at the time of balance payment. The airline and the agency also reserve the right to cancel bookings if the balance payment is not made as promised, resulting in administrative fees and, in some situations, the loss of the deposit.

3. Travel documents

Your paperwork will be emailed to you 14 days before your departure date, if not sooner. Most travel documents are electronic and sent to you via email. We cannot be held liable for documents that are misplaced in the mail. At an additional cost, special, recorded, or registered mail can be arranged. We’d also like to call your attention to purchases made with credit or debit cards that are not made in person. All documentation will be sent to the billing address of the credit/debit card holder, not the passenger’s address, as per mail order laws (unless they are one and the same).

4. Any Changes

If you decide to change your travel plans after booking, we will try our utmost to accommodate your new needs. You must confirm your instructions in writing and pay a per-booking amendment fee. You must also cover any costs we spend in making the change, including any charges imposed by suppliers (e.g. airlines, hotels). Please keep in mind that some travel arrangements (such as Apex tickets) may not be altered once a reservation has been made, and any request for a modification may result in a cancellation charge of up to 100% of the original reservation.

5. If you are unable to go, you can transfer your reservation (packages only)

If you are unable to travel, you have the option of transferring your reservation to another person, provided that both the original client(s) and the transferee(s) pay all fees paid by us. The arrangements, however, must remain the same. We will make every effort to arrange the transfer, however there will be an additional administration charge of £100 per person if one is made.

6. Cancellation by you

You have the right to cancel your reservation at any time, as long as the cancellation is initiated by the person who booked the reservation and is reported to us in writing. We will keep your deposit and additional cancellation charges may apply because we incur fees when you cancel.

These fees vary depending on which providers we employ, and you will be informed of these terms and restrictions.

7. Changes made by us

Before you book, we reserve the right to amend the description of any flight and/or ground service, in which case you will be notified before a confirmation invoice is issued.


We are unlikely to have to make any adjustments to your trip plans, but we do so several months in advance. We and/or our suppliers may need to make modifications from time to time, and we reserve the right to do so at any moment. The majority of these changes will be small, and we will notify you as soon as possible. If there is time before your departure, we will notify you as quickly as possible if there is a major change to your vacation. You will have the option of accepting the adjustment as communicated, booking another vacation from us with the price difference payable/refundable as applicable, or cancelling the arrangement(s) and getting a complete refund of all amounts spent.

Unforeseen circumstances

This implies that if we have to cancel or amend your travel plans in any way due to unexpected or unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control, we will not compensate you. War, riot, strike, terrorist activity and its effects, natural or nuclear calamity, fire, and bad weather conditions are only a few examples.

Other arrangements for trip

We are required to communicate all changes prior to departure and will make every effort to do so if at all possible (please see clause 16. Flights). In such instances, we will not be liable for any compensation. If necessary, we will make every effort to find you a suitable substitute.

8. Our cancellation


In rare situations, we and/or our suppliers reserve the right to cancel your vacation. For example, if the required minimum number of clients for a specific holiday is not met, we may be forced to cancel it. Except in the event of force majeure or if you fail to pay the final balance, we will not cancel your travel plans less than 8 weeks before your departure date. If we are unable to fulfil the booked travel arrangements, you may purchase another arrangement from us if one is available, with the price difference payable/refundable as applicable, or you may receive a full refund of any monies paid to us (except insurance premium).

Other arrangements for trip

If a booking is forced to be cancelled for any reason other than non-payment by you, we shall provide you with alternative travel arrangements if they are available. Alternatively, you can request a prompt and complete refund of all payments paid to us, minus any insurance premiums and amendment fees. There will be no monetary recompense.

9. Pricing Policy

The availability of all of our travel arrangements and rates is subject to change. Once a confirmation invoice is sent, the pricing stated on that invoice can only change as described below or if you change your reservation (see clauses 4 and 5).

We cannot be held liable for any special offers that may be released between the date of issue and the date of departure once your airfare or vacation package has been verified with tickets issued. The price you pay at the time of booking is the current amount you pay, as well as the price owed to us or the supplier at that time.


Changes in transportation expenses (e.g., airfares and fuel prices), changes in dues and taxes (including VAT) or fees payable for services (e.g., landing taxes or embarkation/disembarkation fees at ports and airports), or exchange rate variations can all affect the price of your travel arrangements. Amounts equal to 2% of the invoice price (excluding insurance premiums and amendment charges) will be absorbed or retained in the event of a minor modification. This 2% will be absorbed for increases but not kept from refunds in the case of bigger fluctuations.If this results in a price increase of more than 10% of the invoice price, you have the option to cancel the reservation and obtain a full refund of all cash spent (excluding amendment charges). If you can establish that you are unable to transfer or reuse your policy, we will consider a reasonable reimbursement of your insurance premiums. If you decide to cancel in this situation, you must do so within 14 days of the surcharge invoice’s issue date.

Other arrangements for trip

We shall not increase the price of air tickets once we have received complete payment in cleared money. In all other cases, we reserve the right to pass on any supplier-imposed cost increases.

10. Product and service applications

Prices and details of products and services (as well as any offers) listed on the website are subject to change at any time without notice. Any offer could be subject to additional terms and conditions. All items, services, and offers are subject to availability, and neither we nor our partners can guarantee this. The presentation of product and service details or offers on this website is not, and should not be considered as, an offer by the relevant company to sell or acquire such items or services. Your offer may be accepted or rejected at the sole discretion of the company promoting the products and services in question.

11. Use for commercial purposes

This website is intended solely for commercial (e.g., travel agencies, airlines, car rental companies, and hotel operators) as well as non-commercial (personal) usage. The products and services on this website may be provided on a commercial basis on the condition that the commercial user clearly identifies all of the Terms and Conditions under which we trade with our customers, and that by using this site, the commercial user warrants that their client consents to the relevant Terms and Conditions (in so far as that “client” provides personal data which, by using this website, the commercial user warrants that their client consents to the relevant Terms and Conditions).

If you use any of the products or services on this website for commercial purposes, we reserve the right to charge you at the rates in effect at the time of such commercial usage, as previously communicated to you. However, for the avoidance of dispute, we are not obligated to tell you in advance of any such commercial usage.

12. Our legal responsibility

Because we merely function as a booking agent, we accept no responsibility for any aspect of the arrangements, including any loss, bodily damage, or death, unless caused by our own proved negligence.

13. Complaints